The w107 has always been on my bucket list, so when I had the chance I bought it at an auction in the US, shipped it to Lebanon and fully restored it. 

This is ​My Father's w108 280SE, shipped from USA  in 1973 it was used as our daily drive up until half way through the civil war, we parked it under our summer grand parent house where it rested for years. I picked it up in 2005 and fully restored it.

VW - bEETLE - T1


VW - kombi - T2


Many buy this model cause it's hip and cool, and due to the hype around it and its history.. but not me, I bought it cause it was my daily ride to school, and I love how spacious and fun it is to drive. IT'S PENDING RESTORATION.

One of the most iconic models that ever left the Daimler-Benz factory, and it was the most popular car in Lebanon, almost every family had one, and it was the car of choice for the majority of the taxi drivers. I have always wanted to buy one, and ended up saving one.





My very first car, a gift from my dad at my 18th birthday, been driving it every since, it underwent 2 restorations, in the 2nd restoration I reverted it back to its original factory color.

One of Mr.Paul Bracq work of art, with its pillar-less windows, and amazing lines, this car is one of the nicest to look at and most defiantly to drive. it's powered by the famous and my long time favorite M130-280C engine.